“Being Single - Part 2”

I talk to a number of singles -  some in the counseling room; some through Awesome Marriage; some in the church.  I find that there are many singles who want to be married that are frustrated.  I hear these questions, “Why can’t I find someone to marry?,” “I am tired of waiting.,“God is not answering my prayer.” It is very true that waiting for the right person to come along to marry is difficult.

But what happens if you quit waiting?  What happens when you settle for a relationship that is less than God’s best for you?  I see it happen far too often.  Someone in their impatience to be married makes an unwise choice that is a temporary fix at best.  A single who fell into that trap once told me, “The only thing that was worse for me than being single was marrying the wrong person.”

Bottom line: Waiting is hard but waiting is worth it.

What do you think?

Dr. Kim