"Our Tribe" - 3


I will keep talking about our tribe in a number of different ways in the future.  Today I want to close this blog series on our tribe with this thought.  I believe you are here because you believe people can still have Awesome Marriages.  You may have an Awesome Marriage.  You may as a couple be working toward that goal.  You may be single and trying to do the things that will help you have an Awesome Marriage some day.  Whatever your situation, you are part of our tribe and we need you.

We need you to share your successes and your failures.  We need you to help encourage each other.  We need you to make us laugh and make us cry.  We need guys who are willing to tell their story so other guys can learn.  We need couples to share what has helped them and has hurt them.  We need you to fight with us for Awesome Marriages.

Believe this: A world full of Awesome Marriages will change the world.

Dr. Kim

"The Fire" - From the Best of Dr. Kim's Blogs

We get a lot of questions about sex.  Some from singles and some from marrieds.  I want to address some of the single questions today.

I get asked if this or that is okay before marriage?  How far is too far?  Is it okay to live together before marriage?  Is oral sex okay?  You get the idea.  Now look at those questions and see if you see the same common thread that I do.  I see the same basic question that I asked forty years ago when I was dating.  We all want to know where the boundary line is.  How far can we go?  How close can we get to the fire without getting burned?

We can all rationalize almost anything that we want to do.  I was really good at that. (Unfortunately, at times, I still am)  But finally I realized that I was asking the wrong question.  It was not how close could i get to the fire without falling in.  Instead I needed to ask how far away from the fire can I get?  I had desires and urges and the closer I got to the fire the harder it was to control them.

So I want to challenge you.  Instead of spending time trying to figure out what you can do sexually before marriage, take the issue off the table.  Take your “no” from the fires edge all the way back to ground zero.  You will then begin redefining sex for you and preparing yourself for the sexual relationship in an Awesome Marriage where it is okay to fall into the fire!

Dr. Kim


"Our Tribe" - Part 2

In my last blog, I once again set out my dream of a zero divorce rate.  That is my goal for me and I want it to be the goal for you.  I want people that are committed to having Awesome Marriages.  I do  not want any of us to settle for a so-so marriage.  I do not want you and your spouse to just exist together under the same roof.  I want you to cherish each other and the marriage that God has given you and to never stop working to make it better.

Let me challenge you with something.  Find a couple that has been married at least forty years and that still love being married.  Ask them what they did to have an Awesome Marriage.  I bet you will hear something like this in their answer, “We worked at it every day.” You will not hear, “Well, we got married and then coasted for forty years.”  It just does not happen that way.  A great marriage takes a lot of work but it so incredibly worth it.

This Awesome Marriage tribe is yours.  If you believe that marriage is still a good thing to have around and you believe that God created marriage with a purpose, then welcome to our tribe.  There is so much that fights against marriage in our world.  It is time that a “tribe” started fighting for it.  I Want an Awesome Marriage is that tribe.

Dr. Kim



"Our Tribe" - Part 1

Seth Godin has written a lot of books.  I recently read his book “Tribes.”  One of his premises in the book is that we all want to belong to a “tribe.”  Tribes are built around common interests like biking, cooking, political views, and a myriad of other things.  Some tribes are big and some are small.

“I Want an Awesome Marriage” is a tribe.  I did not form the tribe - you did.  I simply took the risk that there were others out there that wanted Awesome Marriages.  That I was not the only one that still believed in marriage.  That people wanted to prepare well before getting married and wanted their marriages to continue to grow over their years together.

You see, I have this crazy dream.  It is that there would be a zero divorce rate.  No divorce.  No divorce today and no divorce tomorrow.  In the big picture, my dream is overwhelming.  But on a smaller scale - maybe.  What if each person took time to really prepare before they got married?  What if they looked long and hard at their relationship and if it did not look right they broke up on this side of the altar?  What if every couple that struggles in their marriage (which at one time or another is all of us) stayed committed to their marriage and got the help they needed to turn things around? If we take it one marriage at a time, maybe my dream is really not that crazy after all.

Dr. Kim

Welcome to the Awesome Marriage Movement!

Join us in celebrating the launch of our all new “I Want an Awesome Marriage” web page.  We have designed a page with you in mind. Are you a single wanting to prepare your self for a future marriage?  Are you in a dating relationship and trying to decide whether to take the next step or not?  Are you engaged and wanting to really be prepared for your coming marriage?  Are you married and want to improve your marriage? If you answer yes to any of these.  We welcome you to the Awesome Marriage Movement.

I encourage you to subscribe to our page so you do not miss out on anything that we are doing.  I will post new blogs five times a week covering  a myriad of relationship topics and you will also receive our monthly e-newsletter “Next Steps.”  We will have videos, guest blogs, interviews, online classes and seminars, and much more.

The Awesome Marriage Movement is a little over one year old.  We are going strong but are only beginning.  Join us as we focus on putting God first in our lives and in our relationships.  I look forward to meeting you here every day as together we make a difference.

Dr. Kim