Christina Dodson


“I love Awesome Marriage because of the life change I get to see everyday. I get to hear all the stories of redemption, marriage growth, and God saving marriages. It is truly incredible to get a front row seat to seeing God work miracles in people’s marriages and families!”

Christina is our COO and Podcast Producer. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband Dylan and children Finley and Roman. Together Christina & Dylan planted New City Church in 2017.

Christina loves the local church, doing ministry, and helping people improve their marriages.

You can follow Christina on Instagram.

Nils Smith


"I love Awesome Marriage for the impact that it has had on my own marriage as well as the thousands of stories that I have been able to hear about marriages around the world being transformed!"

Nils is our Innovation Leader driving many of our new online initiatives and most of our new ideas!

Nils is married to Katie (15 years) and they live in New York City with their 2 daughters: Emery (10) and Shelby (7). Nils is a Houston Astros and San Antonio Spurs fan and loves family adventures in NYC and beyond. 

Lindsay Few


"I love being a part of equipping as many people as possible with God's plan for marriage! There are so many things that can prevent us from really thriving, and it is a joy to be part of sharing a bigger perspective for how beautiful and full God intends our lives and marriages to be."

Lindsay is Chief Content Editor and Marketing Admin at Awesome Marriage. She lives on the sunny coast of NC with her husband, Brian, church-planting pastor of Live Oak Church, their four wild and wonderful kids, one dog and one cat. The Fews love to spend time on the beach, playing music, and gathering at the dinner table with family and friends.

Megan Peverall


"I love Awesome Marriage because it helps show the image of a Godly marriage. The podcast and blogs encourage and challenge me in my marriage. They make it simple to access. I can listen to a podcast as I am getting ready for the day, and it helps me want to love my husband better."

Megan is our Social Media Director and Date Box Producer. Megan lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband Britt and children Saylor and Carver. Megan loves going to the beach and being creative.


“I love working at Awesome Marriage because I get to be part of a team that genuinely cares about people and their marriages. I love getting to listen and pray for people, whether things are going great in their lives or when things are falling apart. God is at work in lives and marriages and I'm blessed to get to see some of what He's doing and to trust Him for what He will do.”

Sarah Jane is our Counseling and Care Director at Awesome Marriage. She leads our efforts in following up with people’s prayer requests as well as managing Dr. Kim’s Counseling Schedule.

She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband Taylor, their two cats, Hazel and Mocha, and their chubby dog, Cider The Hog Dog. Sarah Jane and Taylor attend New City Church and love to serve in the worship band there. She also works at an animal hospital and enjoys the Rocky movies (EXCEPT Rocky V), drinking good coffee with friends, and making music with her husband.


“I love Awesome Marriage! Before I worked here, I followed Awesome Marriage for over a year. My husband and I experienced, first hand, how encouraging Dr. Kim and his team are. My marriage has been blessed by following The Awesome Marriage ministry, and now I get to work here?!?! It is an honor and privilege to be a part of “rooting” marriages on!”

Chrissy is our Fundraising Administrator. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband Ryan and 4 boys. She puts the "fun" in fundraising! She is excited about reaching and praying for marriages everywhere!

Chrissy loves being with family, singing and being outdoors. She laughs loudly with no regret.

David Underwood


“I’ve seen first hand the impact the Awesome Marriage ministry has had locally and now to be able to help people all over the world.  No one is immune from the Enemy wanting to destroy their marriages and relationships with God, so being able to help minister to those in need is very humbling to me."

David is a website administrator and lives in Oklahoma City, OK with his wife Tracy and four children. Together their family attends Life.Church. David and his wife Tracy have known and worked with Dr. Kim for over 15 years in his ministry that included Preparing for Marriage classes and Awesome Marriage seminars. Dr. Kim married David & Tracy.

David loves Awesome Marriage because of the individual personal impact it can have on a marriage. As one of the administrators, he answers chat questions on our website. He has the opportunity to help direct resources to those who are desperate to save their marriage that is crumbling as well as to those who are dating and want to start out following God’s plan for a marriage.

Tiffany Miller


"Awesome Marriage is special to me and my family because God used Dr. Kim and his resources to help restore my marriage and family. Now, I get the opportunity to allow God to use me to support, uplift, and encourage struggling marriages. I believe that strong families start with strong marriages and what better way to get involved than to use my time to speak life into the brokenness that can sometimes plague our relationships."

Tiffany is a website administrator for Awesome Marriage. She lives with her husband, daughter and foster children in Oklahoma. She is a physical therapist assistant and homeschool mom and enjoys cooking, crafting, and being outdoors.